Ceramic Heaters

Some homeowners consider supplementing electric heaters, thinking that keeping the thermostat at low level while using an infrared, quartz or ceramic heater in some of the rooms will result to savings. Let’s examine if these measures are effective and if so, to what an extent.

It’s quite usual for homeowners using natural gas or oil for heating their homes to look for alternate means of heating to bring down their utility bills, as energy cost seems to be going up all the time. [br][br][br]

How They Work

Any electric heater changes electrical energy to heat. Ceramic and quartz heaters work on the principle of transferring heat through convection, meaning they heat the air and circulate heated air in the room. Infrared heaters make use of electromagnetic waves to transfer heat. These waves remain invisible, but heat the objects coming their way.

Infrared Heaters

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Ceramic heaters are excellent for ensuring that a particular area of your house is heated. Because it is safe and clean, you can be assured that you will be able to use the ceramic heater without any problems. Problems can occur only if you do not know how to use them.

Ceramic Heaters How It Works

Ceramic heaters are easy to use. Users merely place this heater in the right place and can be assured that the particular area will be heated in a matter of minutes. Ceramic heaters use electricity to warm the elements and use a fan to distribute the heat. This makes the heat generated from the heater consistent.

Using Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic HeaterUsing ceramic heaters does not require a degree. Anyone with common sense and reading abilities will be able to peruse the instructions and do so accordingly.

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Any heating appliance is a health risk for its users. These are not natural and anything that is not natural is harmful for one’s health.

This is especially true for ceramic heaters. Most users have been injured badly due to ignorance about the health risks involved when using ceramic heaters.

Ceramic Heaters – Fire Hazard

The main health risk involved in ceramic heaters is fire. The most common causes of thermal burn injuries in children were due to hair irons, ovens and heaters. Most users are not knowledgeable about where they should keep the heater.

They will place their heating device in an area which does not provide proper ventilation to the appliance or leave it unattended. Placing the heater near flammable fabric such as curtains too will result in fire. When placing the ceramic heater, users should do so on a hard non flammable surface away from flammable… Continue reading

Most often one would have an argument with one’s spouse about what type of heater one should use for their homes. One spouse will insist that fan heaters are better, while the other would say a ceramic heaters are best.

One will not be able to make a wise choice unless they can differentiate between the two.

Ceramic Heaters And Its Advantages

The ceramic heaters consists of a ceramic element which with electricity will generate power into the element which in turn will turn to heat. There are a many advantages to purchasing a ceramic heater.

1. The ceramic heater is safe. It has an automatic switch which shuts off if it is tipped over or overheated.

2. Ceramic heaters  provide heat to a larger area than that of other heating devices.

3. It can also heat up an area faster than that of other heating devices.

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People who have ceramic heaters in their homes will rave about its advantages. However, users will be benefited by knowing the disadvantages of ceramic heaters as well. This will enable them to be sure that they can gain the optimum benefits from their heaters.

Ceramic heaters are made to produce medium amounts of heat. This makes the space which can be heated limited.

If you have a large area and are using a ceramic heater, you can be assured that more often than not, you will be left feeling cold. If you wish to heat a room to greater limits, going with another type of heater is recommended.

Ceramic heaters are a fire hazard. If these heaters are placed too close to a particular object, the heat generated from the heater will burn the object. Therefore, these heaters cannot be placed just anywhere.

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