If you own an infrared heater, you should regularly maintain it. Sometimes, you need to replace the bulb in your infrared heater. If you do it for the first time, you should know some tips how to do that “operation”.

First of all, do not forget to switch off your heater. After that you should place the heater on the floor’s surface. It is good to make the heater stable, by putting some clothes or subjects around, or to ask somebody from the family to help you.

You should carefully remove the panel. Pull back and up, but do not use all of your power. When you change the bulb you also should know, that if your infrared heater is with more than one bulb, they are connected. I mean they work in pairs.

If the bulb number one doesn’t work, then the bulb number two will not work as well. Therefore, you cannot know, which of the bulbs doesn’t work, so you have to test individually each of them on a special tool ‘continuity tester’.

When you know, which one of the bulbs must be replaced, then you start the real operation. Don’t worry! I use the word “operation”, but the procedure is not too complicated. Probably, in the beginning you will be uncertain what exactly to do, because the bulb of the infrared heater looks so thin that you are afraid even to touch it. However, if you work calm and without hurrying, you will easily manage the task.

Replacing Infrared Heater BulbTo replace the bulb, first you should remove the old bulb and lower a new bulb carefully into the ceramic casing and push to reset the spring. Replace the cover from the heater and the set screws.

Never use old bulbs, even if they still work. For more efficiency, you always have to use new bulbs for your infrared heater. Work carefully!

After you finish the procedure with the bulb replacement, then you have to put the panel back. You can see that the replacement of a bulb in an infrared heater is not so big deal. When you do it, you can also clean your heater inside, because it collects a dust over the time.

For that you can use tampons with a suitable liquid. The maintenance of the infrared heater is very important and it must regularly be done. You should know how to do that, because you may need to replace a bulb in an infrared heater at any moment.

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