There are different types of infrared sauna heaters available. The types vary depending on a number of factors including the type of heater involved, the size of the heater and the wattage that the heater uses.

Infrared sauna heaters are heaters that emits infrared radiant heat throughout the area that it is located in order to heat up the sauna, rather than the air or steam that other, more traditional saunas employs.

These saunas are very good for clearing the skin of toxins, helping circulation and burning off extra unnecessary calories.

Infrared Sauna Heaters – Types

There are many types of infrared sauna heaters. These vary depending on the composition of what the heater itself is made of and on a number of other factors.

  • Cylindrical Infrared Sauna Heaters

These type of heaters are composed primarily of ceramic materials. They are very stable and can put up with very high temperatures, which means that they are able to heat up a bit more than one would expect.

  • Carbon Fiberglass Material

A second type of material that is used on infrared sauna heaters are carbon fiberglass material. This are more malleable than other types of materials and allows for the creation of a wider range of heater types.

  • Incoloy Heater

Third type of infrared sauna heaters are the incoloy heater type. These heaters look similar to normal electric heaters in that they have metal coils that are heater and then used to emit heat. These are not the best type, because of the long wavelength of light that is emitted, they are only efficient about 55% of the time, which is not cost efficient in the long run and actually takes away from the effectiveness of the heater overall.

  • Aluminum Heaters

Fourth type of infrared sauna heaters are aluminum heaters. Typically, the heater case is made of aluminum and the coils inside are of the incoloy type. These help to direct the radiated heat to where you want it to go in order to make it more effective at heating the sauna.

The best type of infrared sauna heaters to purchase is probably the ceramic heater. This will be both the most efficient one for what it is going to be used for and will be the one that stands up against the test of time the best. The second best infrared sauna heaters is, by all accounts, the carbon fiber material. It is not as good with the heat transference, but that does not mean that it is not effective.

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