Infrared heaters are truly getting popular nowadays. Despite the popularity, many people are still not aware how the mechanism works.

Infrared heating devices are widely used in different industries and can truly contribute to a lot of innovations in the society.

There are actually different components that you have to consider when it comes to using infrared heaters. In this case, infrared wavelengths are important as they serve as the means through which one object heats another.

Infrared Heaters: What Are They All About?

Infrared HeatersInfrared heaters are devices or structures which have an increased temperature and have the ability to transfer such high energy to another device or structure with a lower temperature by the means of electromagnetic radiation.

Usually, the wavelength of the radiation that is used to transfer energy ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm. For the temperature or energy to be transferred from one structure or object to another, there is no contact that will be needed anymore. By the means of mere radiation wavelengths, the energy transfer is made possible.

Different Classifications Of Infrared Heaters Based On Wavelength

There are actually different kinds of infrared heaters that you can use, each with their respective wavelengths. There is a specific wavelength used by near infrared devices. This type involves a range of 780 nm to 1 mm.

There are also those that are known to be medium infrared using a range of about 1400 nm to 3000 mm. Lastly, those devices or structures that can transfer energy at a far distance are considered to be anything above 3000 nm.

You can definitely choose among these classifications of waves which you think is the right material to use for your needed transfer of energy.

Infrared Heaters And Filaments

Infrared heaters use electric filaments or fuel to serve as the emitter or the one that will produce the huge amounts of energy. If filaments are the one used by infrared heaters, it is necessary to protect them from heat that is why heat resistant glass tubes are often times used to cover such filaments.

Different Filaments In Infrared Heaters

There are actually different kinds of filaments that can be used for infrared heaters. The most common type of material used for the filament is known to be made up of tungsten. Usually these wires or cords that make up the filament are coiled properly to ensure that there is a greater surface area through which the large amount of energy can be passed.

If there is no tungsten available, there are some other alternatives that can be used for the filaments of infrared heaters. These alternatives can include alloys or combinations of aluminum, chromium and iron. Carbon can also be used as well.

These are some of the important details that you have to know when it comes to using infrared heaters. Such devices have several components before they can be actually effective in transferring energy from one object to another. Infrared heaters can definitely have a lot of uses due to its ability to transfer energy even without contact.

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