Ventless gas heaters are safe for babies. Though there are a number of safety concerns with any kind of heater or using any sort of gas burner indoors, these are not as serious with ventless gas heaters as they are with most other types of heaters.

Babies need a great deal of care and attention, but this is not something that should dissuade you from buying a ventless gas heater.

There are things that you must have in the forefront of your mind when you are looking to purchase a ventless gas heater as well.

The safety concerns with ventless gas heaters are not something that should be ignored, but they are less of a concern then they would be with other types of heaters. Ventless gas heaters do not have the heating coils that most radiant heaters do, so there is no need to avoid touching most of the parts on them.

The real concerns are with the water vapor that is produced and with the carbon monoxide that is produced. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is produced with the gases in the heater ignite the air. Water vapor can lead to mold or mildew in the house, which is not good for children and their weak immune systems.

Babies, as you no doubt know, have weak immune systems and love to play with things. Often, the things that they decide are most interesting are also the most dangerous things that they could be playing with. Though ventless gas heaters are safe for babies overall, it is recommended to keep babies away from them.

Babies could touch the parts and get burned or get too much of the carbon monoxide and their immune system probably could not handle as much as an adult. This would cause respiratory problems or even lead to death.

Because they do not have outside air coming in they are able to heat all of the air without leaking heat out through exhaust. Their efficiency is close to one hundred percent, which is exceedingly rare with any sort of machine.

In conclusion, ventless gas heaters are safe for babies. They should not be left unattended with babies around because there is still danger of burning or respiratory problems. With that said, the efficiency of these heaters is enough to warrant their purchase.

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