Gas heaters are must for the residences in countries that experience extremely low temperatures in winter season. Installation of these heaters keeps your home warm and offers you comfort during severe winters.

Unlike the electric heaters, the gas heaters are less expensive and they function cleanly and smoothly.

The best thing about these heaters are that they do not use firewood for burning, and thus there is no extra work of cleaning up the mess. Gas heaters generally use liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as their fuel.

Types Of Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are usually categorized into two types. They are:

Vented Gas Heaters:

This type of heater is made so as to help the exhaust to escape safely through the pipe that the device has. You can mount this heating device into the wall or can place it in an existent chimney. You can also choose your already existing fireplace to install your gas heater because in this case you can easily attach the device to the chimney.

Ventless Gas Heaters:

Ventless gas heaters are more popular than the vented heaters. Easy-to-use, these heaters are preferred by most consumers. Your home does not need an existing ventilation system to operate this type of heaters.

Gas HeatersThough easy to install, you need to adopt certain precautions while installing these heaters in your residence. Adhere to the safety rules set by the governing authorities during the installation of these heaters.

True that the ventless gas heaters said to be devices that do not require ventilation, but the operation of these machines are based on the theory of combustion reaction.

These reactions emanate gases that are detrimental for human health. Thus, it is always advisable to install these ventless heaters in a well-ventilated spacious room.

Ventless gas heaters come in myriads of sizes and shapes. Choose the model that suits your home interiors and your heating requirements. Ensure that the model you have chosen has an oxygen depletion sensor.

Gas Heaters : Useful Tips For Safety

Following are some safety tips for your heaters:

  • Do not keep any flammable object near the heater. Keep good distance between combustible substances and the heater.
  • Check if the appliance has a trip sensor that helps to find the device being accidentally tipped over. In this instance, trip sensor will automatically disconnect the gas heater shutting down the heater element. Most of the new models possess this safety feature.
  • It is advisable to buy a carbon monoxide detector in case you don’t have one. This appliance will alert you in the instance of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Have your gas heater tested on regular intervals to ensure safety to your family members. Ensure that this test is conducted by a certified technician. Check that each and every part (tank, hose, and nozzle) of the device is in perfect order. In case of damage or leak in the device, stop using it and repair the problem immediately.

Follow these simple safety tips and enjoy warmth from your gas heaters.

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